Sabrina is Dedicated To Listening

The most critical quality of any effective leader is the willingness and ability to listen.

“I value YOUR opinion and emphasize the need to have open communications and to encourage and facilitate conversation and healthy debate on the issues that are most important to the citizens of Portage County. My door is always open and I will listen to the views and suggestions of all our citizens”.


An Experienced Leader Who Respects YOUR Opinion

As a 26 year resident and small business owner, I know Portage County is a great place to call home, to work, shop, have a business, go to church, and to raise a family.

Its citizens, educational opportunities, diverse industry and agriculture require accountable and responsible stewards who represent the interests of the County as a whole. As Portage County Commissioner,

I will be an effective leader in helping us become an effective & scaly sound county government.

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